Dear Reader,

When I was but a young undergrad in university, my roommate and I created a mix of random hip-hop and rap songs to which we enjoyed cruising with the windows down, seats reclined, heads bobbing to the beat.

It was whilst listening to these songs that we realized our complete lack of comprehension regarding the emotion and feeling behind each song. We felt like each artist was telling their own story in their own words, but we couldn’t decypher the language.

In order to find out, we decided to dissect their rhymes and find the essence behind the emcee. We researched for years to understand enough to put the words of these ancient runes in our own language.

It is here you will find our best interpretation of some classic musical numbers. Our hope is that you, too, will benefit from the sagacious messages contained within these rhymes.

Some content, of which many of these songs are comprised, may be offensive to some of our readers. We hope such a thing doesn’t turn you into a rapscallion (pun intentional). We simply ask that you partake of our research not from a seat of judgement, but one of enjoyment and geniality. No offense or insult has been intended.

We are proud to present Hip-hop for the Excessively White Person.

Warm regards,
Dr. Professor Mothdive McGee III